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Rhythum (Noatun UI)

Rhythum (Noatun UI)


Rhythum is an user interface (actually a plug-in) for Noatun (Media player for KDE). Its unique (for Noatun) interface embeds visualisations in its own window, and hence reduces clutter on the desktop. The objective of Rhythum is to provide a complete interface to Noatun within a single window i.e. all components of it like visualisations, equaliser, playlist, etc. should be controlable from with the main interface. Also, a number of small enhancements, which are otherwise available as plug-ins, will now be a standard part of the interface, so that the they may co-operate with ease and the user need not to fiddle around with various plug-ins.

For best results use Rhythum with Global Shortcut Keys.




It comes with two classic visualisations of its own. Those are listed as following: -

  1. Blurscope
  2. Spectrum Analyser

You can see them in action in the following screenshots: -

Rhythum with Blurscope in action.

Rhythum with Spectrum Analyser in action.

OSD (On Screen Display)

It also features an OSD, which displays volume, and current status with song info.

System Tray Interface

This component is not fully implemented yet. It, at this time, only displays a context menu of Noatun. Also main interface can be shown/hidden by clicking on the icon.

To come...

  • Playlist plug-in for Noatun (Will integrate closely with Rhythum with another secret feature :))
  • Skinnable interface
  • More amazing visualisations
  • Integration of equaliser settings


  • Noatun, with development libraries (Only for compiling source code)
  • Qt with OpenGL support


You can download Rhythum by following apps/rhythum-1.0.tar.bz2. Detailed installation instructions are given in the package itself.

A RPM package will be made available as soon as possible.

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